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10 Things To Do At Home (Covid19 Edition)

Since the announcement of Restriction Movement Order from our home country’s Prime Minister, citizens here knew that it marked a historic moment. One that did not involve any weapons nor was it due to a spark of violence or war. Ironically, it was caused by humans being in close contact with one another. Human just being the social creature that we are; being a community. The Covid Virus has nothing against us human or our race or even our socioeconomic background. Until we can find a way to communicate with it that it might surrender and retreat from invading our space, let us respect this time of being within our home space.

If you are an extrovert reading this, trust me (you are not alone). I’ve come up with a short blog post on the list of things to do at home and most of them may be familiar to you but knowing that we are in this together, familiarity is really what keeps us going.

You are one click away from familiarity!

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