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Floral information

Is your friend going through a tough time, and needs something bright to cheer her day on, or maybe you want to show your girlfriend just how much you love her with a sweet bouquet of fresh roses? Something small and affordable can go a really long way, in putting a smile on someone’s face. As affordable as under RM 50, but then again, one can’t put a price on that special moment.

If you need some positivity blooming in a living space, flowers instantly brings life to any personal space, making them the perfect gesture to send to someone. We specialize in creating floral arrangement using different color themes.

Ever thought of surprising someone with a jar of flowers? Our mini floral jars (RM 45) are caringly handcrafted to the selection of your preferred theme.

Flower Jar Arrangements in Spring Theme

Prolong their life in a jar, and you’ve got yourself the perfect bedside companion for the next week. Not only that, it serves the motto of reducing waste and you can always upcycle the jar after. It does not spell extravagant but it definitely spells simplicity.

Nothing speaks louder than a heartfelt message, handwritten. Send personal notes in a customizable handpainted card (ranging from RM 15). Be it sketching out a familiar scene or painting her favourite flower, we will get it covered for you. The best part, the card is one of its kind. Speak to us and customize a card with us!

Handpainted and hand calligraphed card

Bringing a smile to someone special with a gift doesn’t need to burn a hole in your pocket. Because small gifts can truly come from big hearts. 

Handpainted card paired with a jar of fresh flowers

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