Can’t change home? Change your flowers instead.

Would you like to give your home a fresh new look every week? Many of us identify our home as a place to unwind, relax and recharge. It is our sanctuary of peace after a long day at work, after putting the kids to bed. For some of us, it is a place where gatherings takes place – from small intimate dinner parties to larger groups of mingling, our home is that ‘hip spot’.

Though a white washed wall may cut out a minimalist feel, there isn’t anything better than splashing some colors to breathe life into your living space. What better way to do that than with nature itself.

5 Reasons Why Flowers Can Transform Your Home & Life

1. Mood Booster

It is not new to us that fresh flowers instantly lifts our moods. Having a vase of fresh blooms around your living space where you can see them will make your mood better and also has the ability to help you connect better with other people. A ten month study led by Jeannette Haviland-Jones, revealed flowers to be a natural mood enhancer and moderator.

2. Cleans the Air

Not just for their looks but certain flowering plants such as Gerberras, Peace Lily, Sansevieria, and the Ficus helps to clear the air in your home as they give out large amounts of oxygen! So, if you long for a good night’s rest, place any of these house plants on your bedside table and you are guaranteed waking up refreshed for the day.

3.  Spruces up the Interior

Fresh flowers come in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures! And these open up a limitless list of options to match with your interior. Whether you are aiming for a minimal feel or something bold and colourful, an arrangement of fresh blooms can and will definitely compliment the mood!

4. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

If a whiff of lavender takes you to a state of relaxation, imagine an oasis of fresh blooms surrounding your home – even the visual effect would immediately calm your mood. I often find that while I am working and facing a vase or fresh flowers, it enables me to work more productively and gets the creative juice flowing!

5. Floral Therapy Self Care

Floral Jar Arrangement in Fall theme

Imagine having a bunch of freshly handpicked blooms sent to your doorstep and getting to spend some time arranging them in a vase filled with fresh water.  You get to decide how and where you’d like to place each stem to your own liking, and end up with an arrangement of your own creation! There is no right or wrong moves when it comes to putting your spin to the arrangement, only floral moves that is always good for the soul.

Hope you enjoyed this short read! Now, let’s have some flowers at home shall we? To kickstart your floral journey at home, you may check out our Weekly Floral Subscription. Click here to subscribe.

Written by May, Edited by Kevin Vijaya, Images from Unsplash

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