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Floral Information

For the longest time, I have always had a passion for flowers and being surrounded by fresh blooms really gives life to any space; amongst many other reasons. As a florist and having worked with flowers all the time, I have learned more about how to create a beautiful floral arrangement at home. Here are my favorite tips when arranging flowers for home.

Have a color theme in mind before setting out to the flower market. This eases the process of shopping without being bombarded by a splash of colors. One tip when choosing a color theme is to choose one or two main colors. For example, white and green, yellow and red, and then choose blooms within the spectrum of those colors.

When selecting a vase or vessel, have in mind the style of arrangement and do take note of the types of blooms being used. A wide and low arrangement requires a wider opening such as a centrepiece bowl while blooms such as tulips requires the support of a straight-sided vase. Recycled bottles of varying heights would be perfect for bud vase floral arrangements.

Foliage plays a subtle yet important role in flower arranging. The use of foliage not only defines the style of your arrangement but it also serves practical arranging purposes. When working with heavy blooms such as peonies and dahlias or delicate stems like tulips, foliage provides critical support to hold the stems in place. Foliage also helps to create the shape and style of your arrangement and provide mass for a lush vibe. I typically begin my arrangement with foliage and then filling in with blooms.

When shopping for flowers, speak to the person at the flower market for what is in season and fresh because after all – they know best! Choose blooms that are lasting and have a longer floral vase life. One of the reasons why I enjoy floral arranging so much is that there are so many types of different blooms to choose from and they differ from season to season! Whether it is Peonies during the Summer or Daffodils during Spring, nature has so much beauty to speak to us!

If you did not take home anything from this article, this last tip is one of the most crucial ones. I’ve learnt over the years as a florist, that everyone’s taste in design differs from one hand to another and that is exactly the beauty of arranging. We all have the freedom to interpret how we want to translate the beauty of nature. But one tip that is important when arranging is to try and create depth in your arrangement by varying the heights of the stems.

Some buds could be taller while some blooms could be hidden and only visible when having a view of it from the top. Either way, it is entirely up to your own interpretation. Having blooms at different heights or some could even be sticking out laterally creates depth and dimension to your arrangement.

I hope that these tips are helpful when you are creating a signature piece for your own home 🙂 And remember, don’t be afraid but simply immerse yourself in a time of relaxation while allowing the flowers to do the talking!

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