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The Art of Gifting


Floral Information

When was the last time you gifted someone with a special surprise?

Whether it’s to celebrate a special occasion or to show your appreciation, gifting someone simply shows you care for that person. No matter what the reason is, gifting leaves a lasting impression, no matter how big or small the gift is.

Gifting is a way to show and express love and gratitude as we build an emotional connection through exchanging of presents. It makes both the receiver and giver feel happy and that is what makes gifting so rewarding. Traditionally, presents are personal and meaningful, and there are many ways to choose an interesting gift but it is the thought that goes behind it which makes the gift most cherished.


Flowers are a universal language, a natural way of transcending emotional, racial and national barriers to express a wide variety of feelings.

May In December offers curated gift boxes which include two fresh floral jars that can be placed anywhere in the home, office or room, instantly sprucing up any space.

As an ode to Mother Nature, one of our philosophies is to reduce our carbon footprint and make flower arranging sustainable.

With flower jars, we avoid using green foam or layers of wrapping, making it environmentally friendly.

What’s more, the jars are reusable as well, because you can store your favorite paintbrushes, make up products or your stationaries.


Supporting local businesses has always been widely advocated. Not only does it promote a healthy local economic growth, supporting local business owners creates more job opportunities in the community.

That’s why we love collaborating with passionate local brands. Some of them make great home baked cookies or even bar soaps made from locally sourced ingredients.


Explore the different color themes inspired by the different seasons. Whether you are looking to send some cheer, comfort someone or simply to let someone know you love them, our seasonal themes would definitely enhance the mood of the message.

Only the freshest blooms are specially hand-picked and arranged according to the theme. You can rest assured that it would put a smile on someone’s day.


Elegantly packaged in a clear acrylic box, our gift boxes come with fresh florals and the gift of your choice. Our exquisite packaging also includes a handwritten note card with your thoughtful message to make the gift even more meaningful.

Shop for our giftboxes today and give that special someone an unforgettable surprise. And always remember that a gift from the heart can be felt even from miles away!

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