5 Floral Arranging Tips for Home

For the longest time, I have always had a passion for flowers and being surrounded by fresh blooms really gives life to any space; amongst many other reasons.

As a florist and having worked with flowers all the time, I have learned more about how to create a beautiful floral arrangement at home. Here are my favorite tips when arranging flowers for home.

1. Choose a Color Theme

Have a color theme in mind before setting out to the flower market. This eases the process of shopping without being bombarded by a splash of colors. One tip when choosing a color theme is to choose one or two main colors. For example, white and green, yellow and red, and then choose blooms within the spectrum of those colors.

A Yellow Themed Arrangement

2. Choose a Suitable Vessel

When selecting a vase or vessel, have in mind the style of arrangement and do take note of the types of blooms being used. A wide and low arrangement requires a wider opening such as a centrepiece bowl while blooms such as tulips requires the support of a straight-sided vase. Recycled bottles of varying heights would be perfect for bud vase floral arrangements.

A Low and Wide Arrangement using a Bowl

3. Foliage, Foliage, Foliage

Foliage plays a subtle yet important role in flower arranging. The use of foliage not only defines the style of your arrangement but it also serves practical arranging purposes. When working with heavy blooms such as peonies and dahlias or delicate stems like tulips, foliage provides critical support to hold the stems in place. Foliage also helps to create the shape and style of your arrangement and provide mass for a lush vibe. I typically begin my arrangement with foliage and then filling in with blooms.

Eucalyptus leaf as the main Foliage

4. Pick Seasonal Lasting Blooms

One of the reasons why I enjoy floral arranging so much is that there are so many types of different blooms to choose from and they differ from season to season! Whether it is Peonies during the Summer or Daffodils during Spring, nature has so much beauty to speak to us!

When shopping for flowers, speak to the person at the flower market for what is in season and fresh because after all – they know best! Choose blooms that are lasting and have a longer floral vase life.

Peony Arrangement

5. Create Depth in the Arrangement

If you did not take home anything from this article, this last tip is one of the most crucial ones. I’ve learnt over the years as a florist, that everyone’s taste in design differs from one hand to another and that is exactly the beauty of arranging. We all have the freedom to interpret how we want to translate the beauty of nature. But one tip that is important when arranging is to try and create depth in your arrangement by varying the heights of the stems.

Some buds could be taller while some blooms could be hidden and only visible when having a view of it from the top. Either way, it is entirely up to your own interpretation. Having blooms at different heights or some could even be sticking out laterally creates depth and dimension to your arrangement.

Medium Vase Arrangement

I hope that these tips are helpful when you are creating a signature piece for your own home 🙂 And remember, don’t be afraid but simply immerse yourself in a time of relaxation while allowing the flowers to do the talking!

Marriage isn’t really a bed of roses. It’s only the beginning of learning to grow with one another, consistently making the choice to love and commit to one another. That requires time, effort and most of all – love.

That’s why wedding anniversaries are one of the most important dates to celebrate (right after each others’ birthday).

To celebrate and remind each other that the love and bond, the commitment for one another will continue to grow.

If you are an expressive person, you might celebrate the day with words; write a song, a poem or declare it with those three simple words.

If you are a romantic, then you’d plan a gesture – a getaway (perhaps one that involves the sun, sand and sea).

But one thing is for sure, flowers will always be present – as a gift or a vital role in lifting the ambiance/mood.

Flowers often speak the words for you when you really can’t find the right words. Their natural beauty can only be pleasing to one’s sight and speaks of gentleness and sweet nothings through an inaudible lens of gracefulness.

Want to make your upcoming Wedding Anniversary a perfect one? Charm her with the right flowers. Did you know that every wedding anniversary year is represented by a color? Check out the list of colours below:

1st Anniversary: Gold or Yellow

2nd Anniversary: Red or Linen White

3rd Anniversary: White or Jade Green

4th Anniversary: Blue or Green

5th Anniversary: Blue, Pink, or Turquoise

6th Anniversary: Purple, Turquoise, or White

7th Anniversary: Onyx, Yellow, or Off White

8th Anniversary: Tourmaline, Tanzanite, or Bronze

9th Anniversary: Lapis Lazuli, Purple, Green, or Terracotta

10th Anniversary: Silver or Blue

If you give your wife flowers only on your anniversary date, that is okay, just make it count. Why not surprise her with a meaningful bouquet this year?  Anyone can give flowers, but not anyone can give meaningful flowers.

Impress her with your true colours. Customise a bouquet of flowers with us today! We’d make sure you’d pass with the right flying color!

Would you like to give your home a fresh new look every week? Many of us identify our home as a place to unwind, relax and recharge. It is our sanctuary of peace after a long day at work, after putting the kids to bed. For some of us, it is a place where gatherings takes place – from small intimate dinner parties to larger groups of mingling, our home is that ‘hip spot’.

Though a white washed wall may cut out a minimalist feel, there isn’t anything better than splashing some colors to breathe life into your living space. What better way to do that than with nature itself.

5 Reasons Why Flowers Can Transform Your Home & Life

1. Mood Booster

It is not new to us that fresh flowers instantly lifts our moods. Having a vase of fresh blooms around your living space where you can see them will make your mood better and also has the ability to help you connect better with other people. A ten month study led by Jeannette Haviland-Jones, revealed flowers to be a natural mood enhancer and moderator.

2. Cleans the Air

Not just for their looks but certain flowering plants such as Gerberras, Peace Lily, Sansevieria, and the Ficus helps to clear the air in your home as they give out large amounts of oxygen! So, if you long for a good night’s rest, place any of these house plants on your bedside table and you are guaranteed waking up refreshed for the day.

3.  Spruces up the Interior

Fresh flowers come in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures! And these open up a limitless list of options to match with your interior. Whether you are aiming for a minimal feel or something bold and colourful, an arrangement of fresh blooms can and will definitely compliment the mood!

4. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

If a whiff of lavender takes you to a state of relaxation, imagine an oasis of fresh blooms surrounding your home – even the visual effect would immediately calm your mood. I often find that while I am working and facing a vase or fresh flowers, it enables me to work more productively and gets the creative juice flowing!

5. Floral Therapy Self Care

Floral Jar Arrangement in Fall theme

Imagine having a bunch of freshly handpicked blooms sent to your doorstep and getting to spend some time arranging them in a vase filled with fresh water.  You get to decide how and where you’d like to place each stem to your own liking, and end up with an arrangement of your own creation! There is no right or wrong moves when it comes to putting your spin to the arrangement, only floral moves that is always good for the soul.

Hope you enjoyed this short read! Now, let’s have some flowers at home shall we? To kickstart your floral journey at home, you may check out our Weekly Floral Subscription. Click here to subscribe.

Written by May, Edited by Kevin Vijaya, Images from Unsplash

Is your friend going through a tough time, and needs something bright to cheer her day on, or maybe you want to show your girlfriend just how much you love her with a sweet bouquet of fresh roses? 

Something small and affordable can go a really long way, in putting a smile on someone’s face. As affordable as under RM 50, but then again, one can’t put a price on that special moment.

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Ever thought of surprising someone with a jar of flowers? Our mini floral jars (RM 45) are caringly handcrafted to the selection of your preferred theme.

Flower Jar Arrangements in Spring Theme

Prolong their life in a jar, and you’ve got yourself the perfect bedside companion for the next week. Not only that, it serves the motto of reducing waste and you can always upcycle the jar after. It does not spell extravagant but it definitely spells simplicity.

Nothing speaks louder than a heartfelt message, handwritten. Send personal notes in a customizable handpainted card (ranging from RM 15). Be it sketching out a familiar scene or painting her favourite flower, we will get it covered for you. The best part, the card is one of its kind. Speak to us and customize a card with us! https://mayindecember.com/contact/

Handpainted and hand calligraphed card

Bringing a smile to someone special with a gift doesn’t need to burn a hole in your pocket. Because small gifts can truly come from big hearts. 

Handpainted card paired with a jar of fresh flowers

Since the announcement of Restriction Movement Order from our home country’s Prime Minister, citizens here knew that it marked a historic moment. One that did not involve any weapons nor was it due to a spark of violence or war. Ironically, it was caused by humans being in close contact with one another. Human just being the social creature that we are; being a community. The Covid Virus has nothing against us human or our race or even our socioeconomic background. Until we can find a way to communicate with it that it might surrender and retreat from invading our space, let us respect this time of being within our home space.

If you are an extrovert reading this, trust me (you are not alone). I’ve come up with a short blog post on the list of things to do at home and most of them may be familiar to you but knowing that we are in this together, familiarity is really what keeps us going.

You are one click away from familiarity!

B.Y.O.J Floral Workshop

May in December’s first eco-friendly floral workshop took place at Strayfolk (a friendly co working space, which stores and sells zero waste products).

B.Y.O.J – bring your own JAR encourages the spirit of upcycling where each students brought a jar from their own home and fill them with sweet florals. We have realized that having natural blooms in your home does bring a positive energy into the space. And having them arranged in a vase or a jar will not only enhance the ambiance of the space, it also promotes a longer life for the florals. We want to encourage more people to arrange their own blooms and to let them know that it is as simple as 1-2-3!

After we the introductory of the different types of blooms we had during class, we moved on to the foundations of creating the arrangement.

Once the foundations were set in place, they could apply them to the different jar types of shapes and sizes. All they needed was to inject their own creativity and style into the arrangement!
Student’s floral art piece uniquely arranged in two of her favourite jars from home
Building the shape of the arrangement does not necessarily always has to begin with the foliage. It could also begin with the blooms or something that could build a good support for the other stems subsequently.
The variations in heights of each stems gives the arrangement depth and allows each blooms to have their own space to shine! Love the arrangement on the right, a rustic muted tone to it with details of sprayed Ruscus leaves!
Students’ work. Different jar sizes, with different blooms all unique and beautiful.
Floral jar arrangements
For more information on our next floral workshop, drop us an email at hellomayindecember@gmail.com

If you’d like to have a jar of flowers of your own, purchase them on our online store! https://mayindecember.com/shop/