Be Your Own Florist

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Your wife is a tree hugger. Going green and saving the environment is in her DNA.

Avoid plastic wraps and have the flowers in a vase would definitely put a ‘Save The World’ smile on her face!

Your Mum’s favourite flower is Lily for its strong sweet scent that would fill up her entire living area!

Your BFF is a bright and cheerful person; a ray of sunshine follows her whenever she walks into any room!

Everyone is unique in their own way. Why not customise your bouquet with our fresh cut flowers that’s personalised to the receiver’s liking/personality/interest.
Here’s how you can be your own florist!
Step 1:
Choose the type of Main blooms from our menu (you may choose up to 2 types of main blooms)
Step 2:
Choose the presentation of the arrangement (Vase/ Wrapped bouquet)
Step 3:
Choose the size of the arrangement (Regular/ Medium)
Step 4:
Choose the Mood of the arrangement (Bright and vibrant/ Sweet pastels/ Classic whites and greens/ Muted and dark)

We have selected a range of main blooms that are available all year long and they are some of the common favourites as well!
Now that you have your personalised bouquet ready, it’s time to surprise him/her!


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